Who would you trust with your valuable equipment?

  • 24/7 licensed breakdown/recovery service
  • Highly trained staff with years of experience
  • State of the art air bag recovery

  • Damage free underlift
  • End to end recovery and site clearance
  • Class 1 and 2 over dimensional load pilots


Nigel 021 929 373  


Bruce 027 441 1687

Bus Truck Recovery International

Recovery services for all heavy vehicles

BTRi has been in operation since 2003, starting off with a trombone semitrailer designed to accommodate 15m long coaches and overheight 40 ft containers. A recovery unit was added and has been progressively improved over the last few years to keep up with the demands of the transport industry. BTRi undertakes various activities in and around Canterbury and our vehicles can be seen anywhere in New Zealand moving vehicles and equipment for our varied customer base. With a staff of four and oncall personel, BTRi can provide a 24/7 response.

If you have a vehicle or machine in need of relocating, we will plan the shift with you and provide equipment suitable to safely carry out the move. Our network includes contractors throughout the country to ensure the most efficient use of resources for our customers.

Our Services


  • Accident attendance and recovery of damaged vehicles
  • Towing of broken down trucks, buses, trailers, and construction plant


  • Movement of containerised items
  • Overdimensional items
  • Specialised loads (eg. trams, wind turbine blades etc)

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  • Address: 121 Bellam Road, RD 8, Christchurch 7678
  • Post: 121 Bellam Road, RD 8, Christchurch 7678

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